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Do you Diego Sans ? 3some video from DrillMyHole

Look what I can Do Part 3 is a hot and hard threesome starring all exclusive star to, Diego Sans, with Ian Frost and Max Wilde. This has been released by Drill My Hole, which is a part of the network.

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Diego Sans is an all exclusive star to He is hot, hairy, and has got a well-toned body. He has also just won two awards in the 2017 GRABBYS awards, and they are for the Hottest Top, and for the Squirt Fan Favourite. Diego is five feet ten inches tall with brown hair, sultry brown eyes, and he is a top with a seven-inch uncut cock.

He has starred in seventy-five gay porn movies for, and he was also the main star in ‘Tarzan: A Gay XXX Parody,’ which also won Best Videography at the GRABBYS awards in 2017.

Ian Frost is a good looking young man with a swimmer’s body and a bit of hair on his chest. He is five feet eight inches tall with brown hair, gorgeous brown eyes, and he is a versatile bottom with a seven-inch uncut cock.
Ian has been in four gay porn vids for, and in his next movie, he gets his ass drilled by the hunky Michael Roman in ‘Just Enough.’
Max Wilde has also starred in four gay pornos for, and he is young with a lean body with a little fur, and has a bit of scruff on his face, and has a few tats. Max is five feet nine inches tall, has brown hair, green eyes, and he is a versatile bottom with a seven-inch cut cock.

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Diego Sans is a connoisseur of home entertainment. He likes to watch guys having sex in front of him, but done in the privacy of home. In this episode, Diego has picked up two guys, Ian Frost and Max Wilde, off of the streets and taken them back to his house. These guys may be total strangers, but they are more than willing to have fun in front of Diego.

Ian is told to take of Max’s pants, and Ian is more than ready for a bit of dick in his mouth. He slowly slips down Max’s pants, grabs his thick cock and chows down on it like a happy meal. He gets Max groaning from the start as he deep throats that prime bit of meat, and teases it with his tongue. Max thrust his hips as he face-fucks Ian, and Ian strokes on his own cock at the same time. So far Diego has only been watching, but he is so turned on, that he tells Ian and Max that he wants to see them both suck his dick.

It soon turns into happy hour at Diego’s house as Max and Ian take it in turns slurping down his cock and playing with his balls. His cock is soaking wet with their spit, and he gets Max to suck on Ian’s cock, as he gets behind Max and starts eating out his tasty man crack. Diego owns that ass as he spits into it, slaps Max’s ass and gets his tongue stuck right in there.

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After some sexy butt munching, Diego lies down and orders Max to sit on his dick. Max, who is more eager than beaver, does as he is told, and as he rides that cock, he slurps and sucks on Ian’s dick.
Ian then gets treated by Diego’s dick next. He lies down. And as Diego rams his dick deep into his hot man cave, Max slams his cock down his greedy young throat. As Ian Frost gets slammed from both ends at the same time, he jerks on his cock and soon cums over his gorgeous young body.

Diego Sans pulls out, and with a wail like a banshee, sends his cum onto Ian’s body, and lets their juices mix together. Max Wilde follows, and his pearly white cum goes all over Ian’s chest until his whole body is covered in it.

This is one hot and horny gay porn movie and has now given me a fantasy to go outside and grab the first two guys I see and bring them back to my place. This is what I love about movies, they show us all kinds of fantasies, some we have thought of before, but some, like this movie, give us a whole new perspective to think about.

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