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Johnny Rapid – #1 gay pornstar

Johnny Rapid and Jason Maddox are such good friends that they have a key each to Johnny’s apartment. ‘Str8 To Gay’ shows us the great evening, thanks to who were there to film it happening.
Jason forgets his key and needs to speak to Johnny urgently.
Jason, who is straight, looks slightly embarrassed as he tells Johnny his problem. He had been out on a date with his girlfriend and once in bed she asked him to eat out her ass. He wasn’t too sure about it, or what to do so he came to Johnny’s place for advice on what he should do. Johnny smiles up at him and tells him that this is one of those times that it is better to show Jason what to do -and Jason agrees to let Johnny show him step by step how to eat out a tasty asshole.
Johnny can hardly contain his excitement as he strips naked, his cock is already sticking up proudly against his smooth tight stomach. He gets on his hands and knees on the edge of the bed and offers up his ass to Johnny who is still sitting there. He leans forward and grabs a hold of Johnny’s butt cheeks and spreads them wide open. Jason looks directly at this inviting hole and starts to gently lick it. Johnny tells him that it’s good, it feels so soft and wet and Johnny talks to him with every step of the way. He tells him when to slide his tongue in deeper, when to do it harder, quicker slower, he tells Johnny to smack his ass and soon realises it Johnny is really into smacking his ass as he feels the imprints of his hand. Johnny is soon groaning with excitement as Jason is stroking his hard dick at the same time as he is licking him out.
Johnny, being the slut that he is, hints at Jason to fuck his ass, but Jason tells him that he could suck his cock first. Johnny stands up on the bed and Jason looks like he is a born gay cock sucker as he takes Johnny’s cock into his mouth and starts to give him a one hell of a blowjob. Johnny can’t believe it himself, his best friend who is straight is underneath him sucking on his cock and massaging his balls at the same time. Johnny strips naked and lies down on his front. Jason’s heavy ball sack bounces against his chin as he face fucks him while he leans forward and fingers Johnny’s asshole.
Johnny gets back onto his hands and knees, his head is down and his ass is up waiting to be mounted. He tells Jason to go slow, which he does to begin with, but soon fucks him in rapid movements causing Johnny to groan out louder and faster. Both Johnny Rapid and Jason Maddox fuck each other all over the bed and in different positions, Johnny being the first one to shoot his load after getting his prostate banged so hard and for so long. Jason then spills his thick gloopy cum over his best friend and then he decides that he would rather spend the night with Johnny rather than with his girlfriend.
Johnny Rapid is hot property and is exclusive to and he has been in an amazing 135 hardcore flicks with them so far and is still going strong and is a lot of people’s favourite gay porn star. He has amassed over 61k followers on Twitter, and over 23k followers on Facebook, that’s some doing. Johnny is versatile with a seven and a half inch cut dick and an incredible tight asshole. He has short brown hair, brown eyes, is five feet six inches tall and weighs 135 pounds.
Jason Maddox only started with back in January 2015 with ‘Down Low’ and has been in only six other flicks since but has already started to get a bit of a following. Jason is handsome and cute at the same time if that’s possible. He has a smooth athletic body and he has a seven inch cut cock and loves to be a bottom even though he is a top in this great movie. He has short brown hair, brown eyes, is five feet eight inches tall and weighs 165 pounds.
Both these men are incredible and well suited; I am looking forward to seeing these two with each other again.…